Who can register?


Currently we cater for anyone with a valid South African ID number and South African bank account (with any operating bank within South Africa)

Who can register?2020-05-03T14:29:41+02:00

Why is there a fee to register?


There is a once off fee that goes towards the added security by verifying each registration as each registrant must have a valid South African Identity and a valid proof of residence. This is a once off cost - there are no subscription costs.

Why is there a fee to register?2020-05-03T14:28:58+02:00

Why do I need to register?


By registering, a secure account is created allowing you to purchase Zahab bits. Legally we also need to know who you are, and verify your details.

Why do I need to register?2020-05-03T14:25:01+02:00

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