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How it works?

Zahab bits gives you the opportunity to purchase Zahab medallions in an easy and affordable way.

Buy small bits

You buy small parts of a Zahab Medallion
Each part is called a zahab bit

Accumulate your bits

Once you have purchased 100 zahab bits – you are able to exchange for a 25.5g Zahab Medallion

Safe & Protected

All your Zahab bits are safe and protected in your account’s vault

Grow your Wealth

As the gold price increases, so does the value of the contents of your vault

There is no limit to the number of Zahab medallions you can accumulate, and you can “cash-out” at any time!

  • If you cashout your Zahab bits, you will be paid the current gold price for your bits.

  • If you cashout your Zahab bits, you can decide to be paid the value of the coin(s) or take delivery of your coin(s).

Get Started Today!


Registration is quick and easy, and only requires a once-off R249.00 registration fee.

Purchase Zahab bits

Once successfully registered, you can start purchasing your Zahab bits, as and when it suits your pocket!

It’s that easy!

As you purchase more Zahab bits, the value of your vault will increase.

Have questions? – Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us!

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